Modern egyptian landmarks

The Modern Landmarks in egypt:

  • Giza Zoo:
one of the most beautiful zoos in the world . established in 1890 on 80 acres . it contains several kind of animals and birds . also include a museum that established in 1906 contains many kinds of rarity birds and plants 

  • The Andalus Garden:
established in 1935 on the system architecture of the Andalusian Buildings on area of 10536. Entrance is decorated like castles and fountain made of marble. And decorated with mosaics an are made of marble. 

  • The Orman Gardeners :
One of the largest gardens in the world on an area of 28 acres. Established for more than a hundred years. The park boasts a rare and valuable trees and ornamental palm trees. .

  • Cairo Tower:
one of the most important modern landmarks in Cairo .. Built in 1961 on the island on the West Nile Bank is to build a cylindrical .. Height of about 187 meters, is the tallest tower constructed of cement in the world, has a wonderful entrance clothed in mosaic tiles and is topped by floors: the first of which is a mobile, land, visitor can enjoys watching the landmarks of Cairo using Installed Binoculars .. The restaurant was unique as a visitor to Eat his food as he watched the landmarks of Cairo, at the same time.

  • The Subway:
Cairo is the first city in the Middle East and Africa are held by a major project for the subway. This project involves two lines of the Metro long, about 62 km, during which goes around three million passengers a day across the capital and its suburbs.

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